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Wavelengths: communication through rhythm; connection.

I was never taught how to make music, but I found a way. I call my sounds “Humble Goods”. Everything you hear is original and available. My intention is to induce positive and optimistic emotion through musical soundwaves.

I’m influenced by classic 90’s Hip-Hop production, Downtempo and Chillout feels, Disco House, as well as Indie Pop and 80’s New Wave. All music is good music. Reach out if you are looking for tunes in your next video or album.


Humble Goods

I chose the name Humble Goods for this music because I want to make people (including myself) feel good, without pushing or imposing it upon anyone. It’s there if you want it, but it’s all good if you don’t. I chose flowers for my branding because I see them as the literal definition of humble goods. They do not prey upon anything around them and display an innocent beauty for everyone to enjoy. All they need is a little sun and some h2o.

I’ve quietly released three studio albums and an EP thus far, and don’t plan on stopping. Ever.

Below is my latest album entitled “Realistic Optimistic”. Never too high, never too low. The music is purely instrumental and covers several genres of electronic music. Music to observe the world through, as time goes by and you remain.

All my music is available on Pandora, Spotify, SoundCloud & iTunes.


Find me a song you picture working for your advertisement, video game or film project, and I will come up with and arrange something copyright free and original. The track does not have to be the style of music I release under Humble Goods. Your target market, industry trends and desired emotion will all be taken into consideration. Below are some examples of work I’ve done for companies and friends in the past.

Tech Industry (Original composition, arrangement and sound effects)

Lifestyle (Original composition)

Video Game Intro (Original composition)

Action Sports (Original composition)