Wavelengths: communication through rhythm; connection. 

I was never taught how to make music, but I found a way. Everything you hear is original and humbly available. My intention is to induce positive and optimistic emotion through musical soundwaves.

I've licensed my music to companies such as MTV and GoPro. If you are interested in original music for a commercial, film, or album single, please contact me.

My latest project is called the "Wavelengths EP". It's a laid back attempt at allowing you to float off in positive thought and feeling through classic 90's style hip-hop production. Music to observe the world through, as time goes by and you remain. Wavelengths describe everything to me. It's our connection to the world and the like-minded humans around us. I could think of no better title. Available on Pandora, Spotify & iTunes.

Below is my album "Late Bloomer". It can be described as a fusion of mellow hip-hop and ambient dance music. It's also available on Pandora, Spotify & iTunes.

"The Humble Feel Good", as in a feel-good record made in humility. Same vibes as "Late Bloomer", circa 2014 - available on iTunes & Spotify.

Humble Goods Apparel

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